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Our firm is unique and differs from the Tel Aviv landscape and is built upon years of collaboration between several independent lawyers in a variety of areas of law, which is managed and was founded by Adv. Gilad Katzman. 

The office manager and founder established his office in 1998. Adv. Gilad Katzman first received his license in 1995.

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“America Building”, 35 Shderot Shaul Hamelech, Tel Aviv

Firm’s Specialty

Our office set a goal to provide a personal relationship to our clients and be available to their correspondences while being aware of providing the best service. Great significance is place on discrete legal representation, at the most professional and uncompromising service. Our legal work is based on years of experience and each case is handled personally while taking into consideration the unique circumstances of the case and providing the appropriate legal defense for the client. 

טקסט לדוגמא: משרדינו עוסק בתחום המשפחה בדגש על ניהול תיקי ירושה בבית המשפט, כתיבת צוואות, ובקשות לצווי ירושה וצו קיום צוואה. כמו כן עוסק המשרד בחיבור הסכמי ממון בין בני זוג טרם נשואים או בין ידועים בציבור ובבקשות לאפוטרופסות

White-collar crimes



The Firm’s Staff

The firm has several independent attorneys who specialize in different areas and cooperate with each other under the management of Adv. Katzman, an administrative assistance and intern. Since 2007, the firm sits in the America Building opposite the courthouse in Tel Aviv and also has an additional office in Northern Israel. 

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